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Watch the new music video of "In The Arms of Bitterness"

In The Arms of Bitterness - Official Video

Watch the official music video of "Labyrinth of Silence"

Labyrinth of Silence - Official Video

Watch the official music video of "Within Hammer And Tongs"

Within Hammer And Tongs - Official Video

Upcoming gigs:

Turku, Finland

On The Rocks
Helsinki, Finland

Tampere, Finland


15.09.2014 New music video published!

A new music video from a brand new song “In The Arms of Bitterness” published by Mighty Music! Check it out now!

In The Arms of Bitterness Music Video

11.09.2014 Press release from Mighty Music

Mighty Music has published a press release about Ruinside’s new album ’10 Forms of Dominion’.

You can read the press release here.

10 Forms of Dominion

08.08.2014 “10 Forms of Dominion” will be released 20th October 2014

The new album of Ruinside will be released 20th October by Mighty Music/Target Group. The album will be released worldwide.
The name of the album is “10 Forms of Dominion” and it contains these songs:

1. The Fall (intro)
2. The Sickness
3. Dethroned to Be Thriven
4. Corridors of Power
5. Dancing to The Demon’s Tune
6. The Beginning of Nothingness
7. In The Arms of Bitterness
8. Juggernaut
9. Chambers of Resurrection
10. Checkmate
11. Cycle of Slavery

[Cover artwork made by Kristian Huitula]

10 Forms of Dominion

01.06.2014 New music video published!

New official music video published! Check it out now!

Labyrinth of Silence music video

11.05.2014 Upcoming gigs

30.5.2014  O’Hara’s Freehouse, Tampere  w/ Creinium
O'Haras 30.5.2014

7.6.2014  Club Liberté, Helsinki  w/ Refusal & The Addication
Club Liberte 7.6.2014