04.12.2014 New gig photos in Gallery

See some new gig photos from Helsinki and Tampere!

Ruinside at YO-talo

10.11.2014 Power of Metal interview online!

Read the whole interview from Power of

30.10.2014 Ruinside @ On The Rocks Live-stream

See the live-stream from

13.10.2014 Pre-stream “10 Forms of Dominion” now!

You can pre-stream Ruinside’s new album ”10 Forms of Dominion” at Kaaoszine website! The pre-streaming possibility is available this week only until the album is out! Listen the whole album now!

Ruinside banner

08.10.2014 Read Kaaoszine interview

Kaaoszine interview (in Finnish) online now! Click the picture to read more.

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