Timo Anttonen


- Drums -

History (musical):

Interested in drumming since I can remember. All sort of "drum stuff" made from cartboard boxes before age of 10. Playing with real drums since age of 12.

Bands (past):

Some teenage bands in Suomussalmi before year -98. The bands in Oulu during years 1998-2007: The Unblessed, Bleak Crowd, Carcadial, couple of cover bands.

Bands (current):

Kuoleman Galleria
Akustinen Olotila


Premier Genista: 24"x18" bd, 13"x9" tt, 16"x16" ft, 18"x16" ft. Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute: 14"x7" snare. Cymbals consist mostly from Paiste and Sabian.

Mainly influenced by (bands etc.):

In teenage years: Iron Maiden, Sepultura, Slayer. Later: In Flames, Opeth, Diablo, many hard rock bands and great groovy drummers like Sami Kuoppamäki.

Listens to:

A variety of different styles from rock to death metal.

5 favourite albums of all time?

Impossible to list, music varies so much, but here is something I like to listen: Faith No more: King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime, In Flames: Clayman, Metallica: Master Of Puppets, Iron Maiden: Live After Death, Everything from D.A.D.

Best live show you've seen?

Iron Maiden at Ratina Stadium, 2008.

Story in Ruinside:

I've known Joni (previous Ruinside drummer) since 1999 from The Unblessed times, and he tried to get me replacing him in summer -08. The time was not good for me, so I did not accept the offer then. Later on, at the autumn I bumped into Aki at bar and he told me they needed a drummer and Joni had recommended me. I got exited and wanted to give it a try. And good I did...

Best in Ruinside:

Great music, great players, great dudes to hang around with and a lot of challence for my playing. What else does a drummer want?

Favourite drink / smoke?

Beer, whiskey and "Fisu"-drink.

Favourite movie(s) / actor(s)?

Lord of the Rings trilogy, Everything from Quentin Tarantino, American History X.

Favourite TV-Series?

The Simpsons, Lost and Dexter.

Favourite computer/console game(s)?

Guitar Hero (all of them), Grand Theft Auto IV.

What do you like to do on your freetime?

Drink and party with friends, play around with my computer, Play XBox 360.v


Things use to work out somehow.

Free word:

Rock On!!!